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Sl. No.Name of FacultyTitle of Journal / ConferenceNational / InternationalTitle of the PaperVol., No., pp, Date / Year of Publication
1T. Suresh KumarInternational Journal of Power Electronics and Drive System,IJPEDS 2018InternationalNovel Switching Design Structure for Three Phase 21-Level Multilevel Inverter Fed BLDC Drive ApplicationVol. 9, No. 3, September 2018, pp. 1202~1213 ISSN: 2088-8694, DOI: 10.11591/ijpeds.v9n3.pp1202-1213
2T. Suresh Kumar,
DG Padhan
IEEE International Conference on Control, Power, Communication and Computing Technologies, ICCPCCT 2018InternationalExperimental Verification of Closed Loop Speed Control of PMSM using DSP 240723 rd – 24 th March 2018
3Sarfaraz Nawaz Syed
T. Suresh Kumar
IEEE International Conference on Control, Power, Communication and Computing Technologies, ICCPCCT 2018InternationalClosed Loop Grid Reactive Power Compensation using DFIG23 rd – 24 th March 2018
4T. Suresh Kumar,
DG Padhan
IEEE International Conference on Control, Power, Communication and Computing Technologies, ICCPCCT 2018InternationalA Hybrid Tuning of PI λ D μ Controller for Second Order Proess with Delay23 rd – 24 th March 2018
DG Padhan
Praveen Jugge
2018 IEEEMA Engineer Infinite Conference (eTechNxT)InternationalProbabilistic power flow using point estimate Methods in mesh and radial power Networks13 th – 14 th March 18.
6J Praveen,
V Vijaya Rama Raju
7th International Conference on Materials Processing and Characterization (ICMPC 2017)InternationalDevelopment of Processes and Characterization of Ferromagnetic Materials for Manufacture of Transformer Core and Motors for Higher Efficiency17 th – 19 th March 17
7S.V.Jayarama KumarSmart Computing and Informatics. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, vol 77. Springer, SingaporeInternationalFuzzy current control of grid interactive voltage source converter with solar energy2017, Springer
8Jayaram Kumar S.V Fronteiras: Journal of Social,Technological and Environmental ScienceInternationalVirtual flux based control of PV inverter connected to un balanced grid2017
9J PraveenIEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems, PEDES 2016InternationalMitigation of voltage sag and power quali ty improvement with an optimum designed dynamic voltage restorer14 th - 17 th December 2016
10J Praveen,
V Vijaya Rama Raju
6th International Conference on Materials Processing and CharacterizationInternationalMaterials for Optimizing Efficiency of Solar Photo-voltaic Panels5 th - 7 th December 2016
11J PraveenIECON Proceedings (Industrial Electronics Conference)InternationalOptimal Design and Testing of a dynamic Voltage Restorer for voltage sag compensation and to improve Power Quality24 th - 27 th Oct 2016
12V.Vijaya Rama Raju, 
S.V.Jayarama Kumar
IEEE Power and Energy Conference at Illinois (PECI)InternationalAn Optimal PMU Placement method for Power System Observability19 th - 20 th Feb 2016
13Pushpalatha, D.V.5th International Conference on Materials Processing and Characterization. Elesiver Material Today ProceedingsInternationalA Hybrid Neural -Network-Genetic Algorithm for Prediction of Mechanical Properties of ASS-304 at Elevated Temperatures12 th - 13 th Feb 2016
14J Praveen12th IEEE International Conference Electronics, Energy, Environment, Commun ication, Computer, Control. INDICON 2015InternationalField test of cost effective Voltage Sou rce Inverter for driving an Induction Motor17 th - 19 th Dec 2015
15Pushpalatha D.V.Third IEEE International Conference on Arificial Intelligence,Modelling and Simulation(IEEE-AIMS-2015)InternationalA clustering algorithm for WSN to optimize the Network Lifetime Using Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Model2 nd - 4 th December 2015
16D. G. PadhanIEEE International Conference PCCCTSG-2015InternationalA New Tuning Rule of Cascade Control Scheme for   Processes with Time Delay11 th - 12 th December 2015
17P.Srividya Devi,Dr.D.V.PushpalathaInternational Conference on Advances in Control and Optimization of Dynamical Systems IFAC ACODS-2016InternationalIntroducing LQR-Fuzzy Technique with Dynamic Demand Response Control Loop to Load Frequency Control ModelFebruary 1-5,2016.NIT Tiruchirappalli,India
18 Pushpa Latha D2015 International Conference on Control,Communication & Computing India(ICCC)InternationalDesign and Analysis of Position Controlled Eddy Current Based Nonlinear Magnetic Levitation System Using LMI19 th - 21 st November 2015
19 Pushpa Latha DInderScience PublishersInternationalDesign of Fractional Model Reference Adaptive PID Controller to Magnetic Levitation System with Permagnetpp. 137-142. July 2015
20 Saxena S.NInternational Journal of Electrical and Computer EngineeringInternationalUnbalanced variable nonlinea r load compensation using multiple shunt active filters5 (5), pp. 896-904. 2015
21J PraveenInternational Journal of Advances in Electrical and Electronic EngineeringInternationalPQ Improvement By Moderation of Multi-Level Inverter Controlling Techniques And Intensifying The Performance of DVR13 (2), June 2015
22J PraveenELSEVIER International journal of Procedia Computer ScienceInternationalSimulation of Artificial Intelligent Controller based DVR for Power Quality Improvement47, pp 153 – 167, 2015
23 Pushpalatha D.V.Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy SystemsInternationalDesign of Prisoner’s Dilemma Based Fuzzy C-Means Computed Torque Controller with Lyapunov Synthesis Linguistic Model for PUMA-560 Robot Manipulator31 (1), pp. 345-355. June, 2014.
24J. SrideviInternational Journal of Applied Engineering ResearchInternationalOptimal Location of FACTS Devices for Zonal Congestion Management under Contingency7 (6), pp. 599- 611, 2012
25J. SrideviInternational Journal of Advances in Engineering & TechnologyInternationalComparison of Voltage Stability by optimal location of TCSC and SVC using Loss Sensitivity Method under Contingencies3 (2), pp: 635-641, 2012
26Saxena S.NProceedings - 2011 Annual IEEE India Conference: Engineering Sustainable Solutions, INDICON-2011InternationalStudy of fast acting DSTATCO M with star/delta and T-connected transformer for power quality improvement2011
27Chakravarthy M,
Saxena S.N.
Journal of Engineering and Applied SciencesInternationalComparative studies of different control st rategies for shunt active filter6 (11), pp. 27-35, 2011
28J. SrideviInternational Review on Modelling and Simulations (I.RE.MO.S)InternationalCongestion Management and ATC Enhancement with optimal location of FACTS devices using Sensitivity indices4(4), 2011
29Saxena S.NInternational Conference and Workshop on Emerging Trends in Technology 2011,InternationalStudy of variation of total h armonic distortion in diode clamped multilevel inverter with modulation indexpp. 1196-1200, 2011
30Saxena S.NICWET 2010 - International Conference and Workshop on Emerging Trends in Te chnologyInternationalDifferent control techniques fo r two parallel multilevel inverters connected to grid pp. 958-962, 2010